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Help save the wild horses

Af Anna Twinney - Reach Out To Horses

For many, the plight of the American Wild Horse is well known and close to their hearts. But most people, even those in the equine industry, do not know the seemingly insurmountable odds they are up against. These majestic beings face removal from their homes, round-ups into cruel and soul-crushing capture, and some say, their eventual extinction, unless we do something to stop it.

The American Mustang has held a dear place in my heart since the days I began working with them almost 20 years ago, and I have made it my life's mission to help them wherever and whenever I can.

My goal has been two-fold. First, to share the plight of the mustang with the world and, second, to educate people in the way of the mustang - to show them how to work, train and care for the wild horse. To address both I have recently created
Whispers from the Wild Ones, a 2-DVD set designed to share a practical approach to protecting the mustangs on the range and to teach an effective, trust-based approach to working with and training the wild ones who cannot be returned to the wild. View DVD trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBI-VGNZBgY&list=UUZ9hEJekPn-7odcCO6TKwWg

And here is how you can help

We have set aside 1,000 DVD sets to send to organizations all over the country and the world and with your support we will send this invaluable resource to as many as we can.

For as little as $10 we can send out a copy of the DVD set to one of the thousands of organizations who truly need it!

There are two ways you can do this:

Anna has just launched an Indigogo campain to help raise funds.
You can donate through Indigogo and/or SHARE this cause with everyone you know!

Also, follow this link to the Reach Out website page for direct donations to the cause.

Read up about what Anna and the entire Reach Out team has a great passion for - and please spread the word! _______________________________________
Hear from an organization who has already received their copy of the Whispers from the Wild Ones: Mustangs as our Master Teachers DVD

Dear FOAL and Ms. Twinney,

My cup runneth over. You are wonderful, generous and deeply appreciated.

Today I received the DVD by, and from, Anna Twinney and learned you nominated Wild Love Preserve to receive this purposeful gift on behalf our universal efforts to nurture and preserve our wild friends.

Thank you. You warm my heart and bring a smile to my being. I very much look forward to viewing this DVD, and staying in touch.

Happy New Year!
~ Andrea, Wild Love Preserve

Vi har modtaget brevet fra Anna Twinney, som er grundlæggeren af Reach Out To Horses programmet, og holder til ved bjergene Rocky Mountains i Golden, Colorado. Hun er en international anerkendt og respekteret Natural Horsemanship kursusafholder og træner, dyrekommunikator og Reiki Master, som i dag rejser over hele verden for at undervise i kunsten at opbygge et tillidsbaseret partnerskab mellem mennesker, heste og alle andre dyr. Hun har i de sidste 10 år afholdt kurser i Danmark i maj måned. Du kan læse meget mere om hende på www.reachouttohorses.com eller på den danske hjemmeside www.reachouttohorses.dk